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Remedial Massage Therapy for shoulder massage

Remedial Massage is a holistic treatment of the body which traces the discomfort as far as possible back to the original cause, healing both the cause of the disorder as well as the symptoms. Remedial massage focuses on the treatment of soft tissue injuries, aching muscles and postural imbalances using a variety of diagnostic techniques. When overworked muscles become tight, knotted or damaged, remedial massage can provide a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow.

Remedial massage can be helpful in treating specific areas of muscle tension caused by stress or injury. The therapy also helps to get the blood flowing to injured tissues to speed up the repair process. Some of the more common causes of chronic pain where Remedial Massage can be of help are Tension Headaches, Stress, Repetitive strain injuries, Muscle sprains and strains, Bad Posture, Sporting injuries, and accidental injuries.

What does massage do and how does it help?

The aim of massage is to locate and release the aches and pains caused by the build up of tension in the body. Massage of these tense areas helps speed up the body’s own repair mechanisms to create homeostasis. Surapa uses deep slow strokes either following or going across the muscle fibres, tendons and fascia. This technique also helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue. Other treatments may include Pressure Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping and stretching exercises.

How many times have you said to yourself, I wish I could get rid of these headaches, that pain in your back or tenseness in your neck and shoulders? Imagine being able to get a good nights sleep without waking up in pain. Then why put it off any longer when help is only a click away? Massage affects your whole being physically, emotionally and mentally. Regular massage therapy is aimed at achieving an increase in health and well-being.