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Deep Tissue Massage

At Rose Thai, we can help with one of the best experiences in deep tissue massage in Glenroy. The experienced masseur will help to release the deeper layers of muscle tissue by massaging the muscle fibres swiftly and gently. We have have been treating a number of customers who had different injuries and help them in pain relief with a relaxed deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage will relieve you from deep pain as well as it breaks down adhesions in your body to restore movement to normal.

The masseur at Rose Thai will use direct and deep pressure across the grain of the muscles to release tension. As the masseur will work on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues, you will feel much much better with the release of muscle tension.

You will feel energized and stress free after the deep tissue massage as we do a very careful massage to relieve you from any pains in body tissues. Deep tissue massage is very effective when you have soreness in neck, shoulders or the lower back where the muscles are smaller and need attention in massage strokes.

The deep tissue massage in Glenroy is famous at Rose Thai as our customers feel energized with release of deep-seated or long term build up of muscle tension. Each massage stroke is focussed in the areas of pain or tension as we ask the customer to give a better experience each time. The pressure is deep in the massage strokes but that is what the deep tissue massage is about, but they are equally long flowing as a regular massage. With deep muscle compression and friction along the muscle fibres during the deep tissue massage, it feels a little uncomfortable but the end result is pain relief and much better movement of muscles.

Deep tissue massage is a little discomfort if you are having sports injury or deep seated pain. The massage requires pressure by the massage therapist to reduce muscle tension and break down adhesions. Customers should not hesitate to suggest the masseur if they experience soreness or pain outside of comfort range or if it is excessively painful. The stiffness and pain may stay for a while before it settles down within a day or two.

Group discounts are available for Deep Tissue massage in Glenroy.

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